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Private group travel perfected. Coming soon to a river in Europe.

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You can’t wait for Transcend to launch?

Now you don't have to.


Let's Transcend

We’re made to fit for each of our clients. No one-size-fits-most here. Transcend Cruises delivers fully bespoke and personalized support, so our clients can deliver remarkable group experiences for their guests. From service-styles to trip logistics, F&B, technology, shore experiences and customizations, we bring your brand experience to life.

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Elevate Your Brand or Group

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Pricing Transparency

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Charter Service:

Our Exclusive Focus

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Client Specific Customization

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Wellness Enablement & Design

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Flexible Itineraries & Programming


Curious About What’s Around the Bend?

Stay in touch by joining our insiders list, or reaching out directly.
Connect with us to receive ongoing details about our 2023/2024 Advance offering, as well as the unveiling of our inimitable launch of Transcend new-build ships plying the rivers beginning in 2025.  

The Future of Groups & Gatherings

Interested in learning more about our charter opportunities?
Our team will enable you to transcend your multi-day meetings or events. 

Let’s connect and learn more about each other.

Transcend Logo 1.png
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