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So nice of you to stop by to learn about what’s over our horizon. We’re a new charter-only river cruise company bringing sustainable, luxury ships as group and event venues to the iconic rivers of Europe. We believe experiences are best enjoyed together, and we’re ready to make that happen for our clients and their guests.


Let's Transcend

We’re made to fit for each of our clients. No one-size-fits-most here. Transcend Cruises delivers fully bespoke and personalized support, so our clients can deliver remarkable group experiences for their guests. From service-styles to trip logistics, F&B, technology, shore experiences and customizations, we bring your brand experience to life.

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Elevate Your Brand or Group

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Pricing Transparency

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Charter Service:

Our Exclusive Focus

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Client Specific Customization

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Wellness Enablement & Design

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Flexible Itineraries & Programming


Curious About What’s Around the Bend?

Stay in touch by joining our insiders list, or reaching out directly. We’ll be sharing much more soon – details on our proprietary groups and meetings spaces and service support, wellness-inspired design and our stateroom experience.

The Future of Groups & Gatherings

Interested in learning more about our charter opportunities?
Our team is preparing all the details to enable you to transcend your multi-day meetings or events. Let’s connect and learn more about each other.

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